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That moment when you spend too much time in Excel

I’m currently modelling to distract myself from having just witnessed the grossest thing I’ve ever seen at work – I just saw one of the oldest, sleaziest, tannest, “I will hit on any female form with a heartbeat” directors, changing in the open plan kitchen at work. I never EVER want to see that much orange, saggy skin near peanut butter and cereal ever again.

*shudder*. Anyway back to this model. Ok now this is going to sound lame but sometimes when I model I feel like I’m playing the piano. Like my hands are relaxed on the keys, my fingers move quickly as the crescendo starts, then builds to a climax where after many hours of toiling away, perfecting my art, I arrive at the magical golden formula, XNPV and hit enter and my concerto ends at a magical golden number. But then my director comes along, sees the output from my piece of art then says “awww yeah, I reckon just whack a 10x multiple on rough earnings and that’ll be our number”. Ah such is life.

Ok this tortured artiste better get back to work.

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