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The dreaded Friday work bombs

It’s almost 4pm on a Friday and miraculously I’ve managed to spend the entire day online shopping. With my smooth avoidance of work I feel like that last olive in the bowl that is next to impossible to pick with a toothpick… haha try and pick me with work if you can, but I’ll just say  that I’m busy on X and Y’s work even though I finished it last night. Friday work bombs are not for the third year analyst. We’ve done our time of copping hits of weekend work at 4pm on a Friday when directors start to check their diary and realise that they have a meeting on Monday for which they need a 150 page pack for. Its time for the new generation to be conscripted and willingly (or at least with the sword of probation hanging over them) head out to the front line first and cop just enough bullets to be wounded but not dead and to continue to come back out asking for more work on Monday…its character building and all part of the journey to “Get Rich or Die Tryin”.

Anyway, its been pretty good. I’ve managed to make my internet surfing look so intense that if someone actually knew what I was reading they’d be impressed that I could have so much concentration put towards deciding on which beer picture was the best representation of the fact that it is beer o’clock in my email to be sent out at 4.30pm on Fridays.

Ok I better get going now I can see a director angling toward me and asking if merging a pharmaceuticals company with a rice cracker company would be accretive. I’m outta here! If only my director looked like Ryan Gosling then maybe I wouldn’t be so harsh…oh well sucks to be him.

4.32pm check out! Sweet!

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