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  • Gyrating Mechanical Arseload Tank-tops (GMAT)

    Guess what!? I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! Time to call off the 200 German Shepherd search party led by the 3 not 4 star Army General, because I’m back bitches! [Sigh! It’s times like these that I really wish that I were famous and/or relevant enough [...]
  • Shhh, it’s only quiet racism

    I’ve been thinking about all these racist taunts on public transport recently, and it reminded me of my old primary school drama teacher. Everyone seemed to know that she loved casting only cute, blonde girls (who were invariably white…c’mon, [...]
  • When you’re married to an investment banker

    It’s the strangest thing. I’ve quit investment banking yet its investment banking that continues to ruin my life. I thought that when I walked out those cattle gates, I had given up the habit for good. Yet somewhere, somehow, investment banking [...]
  • 99% of all Australians won’t read this

    Today someone brought KFC chips onto the bus. That motherfucker. The worst was that he was doing that surreptitious eat-out-of-the-bag, thinking that no one noticed. But WE DID YOU SELFISH DICKHEAD. How dare you come onto the bus, with the flaming [...]
  • Getting real with my addiction to trashy television

    Have you ever looked at an article that’s titled something like “You Won’t Believe What She Said” and internally say to yourself “[rolling eyes] urgh that’s so lame because it’s so obviously click bait”. But then you proceed to click [...]

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World meet Brik, the Siamese Fighting Fish that is now part of the Du Plessis-Satgunaseelan clan 🐟🐠🐡. Thank you @letsnotandsaywedid and @c00kiemonster3 for fulfilling my lifelong dream of having a pet 🥰🥰🥰 #siamesefightingfish #firstpet
Horsing around with family in Wilderness 🌊 #westerncape #naturalwaterslide
We also went inland through the Karoo (desert-ish area) to Oudtschoorn 🏜️🐪 for something different #westerncape
Finally just a post dedicated to all the elephants we saw 🐘 I like to call this compilation "Elephants Doing Random Shit" and includes elephants: - not caring about traffic 🚦 - mud bathing 🐖 - being overprotective parents 👨‍👩‍👦 - snoozing on the road 💤 - weird mating rituals....😳 - having really bad itches 😒 And finally concludes with driving through a ridiculously large herd on the way to the airport 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Kruger Day 2 safari saw seeing a pack of wild dogs 🐕 (endangered, very rare and crazy killing machines 😱 #shredders), some petrified hyenas nearby, a heard of impala just down the road none the wiser 🦌 🦓, and elephants mud bathing 🐘 🌊 #krugernationalpark
Kruger Day 1 safari 🐘 🦏 🦌 🦒 🐊 plus 🐆 🐃 🦁. Amazingly saw the "big five" before 9am! #bigfivesafari #krugernationalpark
Happy 2019 Christmas from the Du Plessis - Satgunaseelans - Brands - Mathees - Boonstras 🎄
Starting the Garden Route 🇿🇦 from the top of Table Mountain ⛰️ to the colours of Bo-Kaap 🌈 to a tipple in Stellenbosch 🍷(and a bit of Erik posing in between) #duplessat #southafrica
Downton Abbey by Team Vollardian 🌷 #downtonabbeystyle
We hit and we're out - 2.5 days in NYC 🌪️🗽 #babepiginthecity #newkidsinnewyork
Weekend lift seats with @hazmaz2 and @erikduplesssis #themillers #1940s 🔥🔥🔥
🏜️ nothing like a midday desert walk #somuchsweating #pinnacleswa #erikortintin

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