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  • How to face time at work like a boss

    I could not be border today (as in bored-er). I don’t understand why we need to sit here and surf the internet until what is considered a “normal” finish time. Apparently our employment contracts says that we must work all “reasonable [...]
  • Office politics…the players and the pawns

    Over the last three years, Australia has managed to have 4 different Prime Ministers. This is not going to be a rant about how we seem to have an addiction to #spills [seriously though why are they called spills? Every time it happens I keep [...]
  • How to balance work friends and not get slapped

    “ERGHMEGHERRRD I heard that she slapped you, is that true???” No that’s not a quote, overheard in the locker of a high school girls’ locker room [interestingly I don’t really have many crazy American-style, girls’ locker room stories [...]
  • My CV has been drinking protein shakes

    Not to discount the development of modern technology and its importance in shaping the society we live in today, but I’d still I have to say that THE most useful invention of the 21st Century would have to be the invention of paper towel [in [...]
  • Where are all the mediocre women?

    I feel like I’m lucky enough to be living in a renaissance for women in the workplace. Now there are millions of books, forums, active networking opportunities, dedicated to progressing women in various workplaces [notably some workplaces being [...]
  • Using the mysterious power of silence to win arguments

    I’ve always just assumed that I downright suck at conversation. It all started when I was five and whilst on the phone to my dad, my sister punched me in the arm whilst I was on the phone [for no reason at all…well no reason apart from the [...]

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The bitter sweet taste of luxury....I've been dreaming of a drink at our pub for far too long 🍺🍻 #isoalmostdone #royaloak
Bored I'm Bored I'm Boredim Boredom. Nephew sitting means turning the apartment into a room with "lasers" that you can't possibly touch (or to make it as hard as possible for Erik to go to the bathroom) ⚡⚡⚡ #commandostyle #lasershow #isolationcreation
World meet Brik, the Siamese Fighting Fish that is now part of the Du Plessis-Satgunaseelan clan 🐟🐠🐡. Thank you @letsnotandsaywedid and @c00kiemonster3 for fulfilling my lifelong dream of having a pet 🥰🥰🥰 #siamesefightingfish #firstpet
Horsing around with family in Wilderness 🌊 #westerncape #naturalwaterslide
We also went inland through the Karoo (desert-ish area) to Oudtschoorn 🏜️🐪 for something different #westerncape
Finally just a post dedicated to all the elephants we saw 🐘 I like to call this compilation "Elephants Doing Random Shit" and includes elephants: - not caring about traffic 🚦 - mud bathing 🐖 - being overprotective parents 👨‍👩‍👦 - snoozing on the road 💤 - weird mating rituals....😳 - having really bad itches 😒 And finally concludes with driving through a ridiculously large herd on the way to the airport 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘
Kruger Day 2 safari saw seeing a pack of wild dogs 🐕 (endangered, very rare and crazy killing machines 😱 #shredders), some petrified hyenas nearby, a heard of impala just down the road none the wiser 🦌 🦓, and elephants mud bathing 🐘 🌊 #krugernationalpark
Kruger Day 1 safari 🐘 🦏 🦌 🦒 🐊 plus 🐆 🐃 🦁. Amazingly saw the "big five" before 9am! #bigfivesafari #krugernationalpark
Happy 2019 Christmas from the Du Plessis - Satgunaseelans - Brands - Mathees - Boonstras 🎄
Starting the Garden Route 🇿🇦 from the top of Table Mountain ⛰️ to the colours of Bo-Kaap 🌈 to a tipple in Stellenbosch 🍷(and a bit of Erik posing in between) #duplessat #southafrica
Downton Abbey by Team Vollardian 🌷 #downtonabbeystyle
We hit and we're out - 2.5 days in NYC 🌪️🗽 #babepiginthecity #newkidsinnewyork

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