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  • Making the most of your annual leave allowance

    I am about 80% sure that Kim Kardashian is actually pregnant in her butt. Seriously check out the pictures! Her tummy looks a little larger than usual but that could easily just be post-lunch bloating. But her butt? Her butt has expanded to such a [...]
  • The best way to deal with parking and speeding fines

    You know you’re struggling when the most exciting thing to happen to you all month is the discovery of $15 fleece tights from Woolworths. So far this month, in addition to getting 4 parking fines [yes I heard that parking fines were actually the [...]
  • An award worth theory about the male species

    Feminism in any shape or form of theory has always existed but I do feel like in the last year, its prominence has expanded 10 fold. Maybe it was the 2012 Australian politics year which was riddled with so many attempts by politicians to be [...]
  • Learning to budget so you have ‘freedom money’

    Today I have negative eighty-six cents in my bank account. Wow that sounds much better when you write numbers out in words. As a result of requiring an eighty-six cent overdraft, the bank has charged me thirty dollars (again still sounds better in [...]
  • The 4 types of ‘Horrible Employees’

    For all these years of my corporate life, I’ve complained, then I’ve moaned, then I’ve whinged, then I’ve sighed, then I’ve sarcastically learnt to deal with my issues with work by writing about them on a public blog like some [...]
  • I have a confession…I just cried at work

    I’m eating a can of beetroot for lunch today and I’m happy to admit that I have been truly impressed by said can of beetroot. Its such an underestimated vegetable that it makes me even doubt its a vegetable because it tastes so good! It has such [...]

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They see me rollin'....they hatin' Some casual Friday Crown St rolling FUN FACT: I filmed this whilst eating two cupcakes 🎂🎂and managed to also see Tanya Plibersek 💁🏼#surryhills Dad and I with the faithful and some pretender in the back 🏉⚫️🔴 #donthesash #erikthepretender The Family Hook Nose 👃🏾👃🏾👃🏾 could be a new sitcom 💁🏾#hooknose #didntmissout #mumandsister Move over Hemmingway. 8 year old Arani's themes are true reflections of modern life...aren't we all just slipping until we eventually fall down a drain? 🌂🌧#emilyslippeddownthedrain #drainlife #emogirl Ready for today's maths lesson kids? 💏 + 🍸🍻🥂 = 👶🏻 @nickyqk showing the table next to us what to look forward to #tippedthemacondom #dinnersnogging #ruinedappetite Too good to not post again...Happy Father's Day! Drinking, smoking, having an Afro and wearing shirts unbuttoned to your navel might make you cool, but...but nothing. Having children made you less cool. Sorry we did that. 🍻🍸👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 #fathersday #stillcool Snack time at The Winters 🌮🌽🧀🍸 #afternoonsnack #ninaphotobomb #bossladies of our family 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏾 @meena_maha @heminip #sisterfromanothermister #cousinsquad Mr Vatican City 2018 Calendar 😉🏛 #cardinalsin #mrdecember #whereispopey Cash me ousside, how bow dah? ⛲️💁🏽 #apartmentviews #trevifountain #wankypost A rare moment where all 8 cousins are in the same country...too bad it was too hard to all look at the same camera 🎥😬😜 #cousinsquad Family wedding time 👪👰🏽🤵🏽 Token 'we can wear traditional clothes' shot 💁🏽💁🏽💁🏼‍♂️, taken shortly before we both went back to mum asking her to adjust our saris #souncomfortable #raresuninlondon

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