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Welcome to the Boutique Advisory

So it has come to my attention that the problems that I write about and manage to blow up into 700 word blog posts, are not unique to me. Whilst I must admit that it’s comforting to hear that I’m not alone in my thoughts of wishing people felt pain when I smiled, being the ‘market savvy’ person that I am [other ‘niche markets’ I have recognised include the market for ‘Corporate Suit Onesies…to ease the transition from bed to work’ and the market for ‘Dinner-sized Tic Tac containers’], anyway I thought it might be worth sharing some of the random questions and emails that I get and provide my completely unsolicited, very wrong and probably the opposite of what you should do, advice!

And what wankier name could I give this section than ‘Boutique Advisory’. So welcome to my shitty little Boutique Advisory site! And much like a Boutique Advisory business, this section will be under-resourced, have no capital and be driven purely by the director who shares the name as the advisory business…in my case I’ll just copy and paste Erik’s questions to me or make questions up, if I have nothing to ‘provide advice’ on.

Therefore below is a contact form which I have amazingly managed to put at the bottom of this page [insert appreciative tennis crowd at Wimbledon clap]. If you have any questions or comments, please send them through! EVERYTHING WILL BE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and ANONYMOUS on your front (to the extent that you might even wonder if you submitted anything at all). You don’t even have to write your name or any contact details down, just your comment – yep you could just write “crap website” and I’ll get sent that [sad face]. I also look forward to being spammed by Nigerian businessmen with great investment opportunities.

Essentially if anyone’s going to cop abuse/repercussions it will be me, but I’m happy to do that because it gets me one step closer to my dream of being fired for something cool…haha jokes…not really.

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