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I have a confession…I just cried at work

I’m eating a can of beetroot for lunch today and I’m happy to admit that I have been truly impressed by said can of beetroot. Its such an underestimated vegetable that it makes me even doubt its a vegetable because it tastes so good! It has such a nice colour too…both the beetroot and the light purple splashes on my top from spilling beetroot on my white top.

Hmmmm sooooooo in other news…..I cried at work. Actually I cried in front of my two MDs during my review. 

Now I know what everyone says: “#1 advice for women at work is don’t cry in front of them”..especially when you work in an all male environment and their standard response to anyone crying is to look the other way whilst offering tissues as if to say either “sorry I’ll give you some space for the insults I’ve just hurled at you by just turning my neck 90 degrees” or “I’m going to look this other way and at the same time scout around for the nearest female or female looking person and make eye contact and telepathically gesture them to come comfort you to the extent that they feel really weirded out by my stares and start crying themselves thinking that I’m some sexual predator”.

Anyway, I cried. Oops. But rather than cry about crying at work, I’d rather take Tina Fey’s advice (note I may be quoting or paraphrasing her now, but I’m not sure because I can’t be bothered checking but surely going to lengths to explain that I’ve actually paraphrased or quoted someone should be enough to stop authorities from confiscating my giant model giraffe  that stands affront to my mansion…anyway) anyway Tina Fey says to cry sparingly but if someone makes you so mad that you cry, then cry. And that’s what I did. They made me so mad by accusing me of lacking “tenacity” (one of the criteria that we’re judged on) that it made me cry. This made me mad because by implication, what they were saying was that working 20 hours a day was not “tenacious” enough and evidently I was getting too much sleep. Anyway the more they kept talking, it made me start questioning whether they actually understood the meaning of “tenacity”. Because they’d say things like “we think you’re one of the most hard working people to come into the team”…but you need to work on your tenacity. According to Wikipedia (yes because everyone knows the new Oxford Dictionary is now Wikipedia especially because (a) it provides you with really good pronunciations of words and (b) when I just typed “Wikipedia”, it autocorrected to also include a capital…amazing!), but yes, according to  Wikipedia “tenacity” means: “the customary measure of strength of a fiber or yarn” bahaha wow did not expect that! Ok so maybe I was wrong. I more than hard enough, but I’m not very strong yarn….? Hahahaha

 Hahaha ok  so I feel less bad about crying and just more confused about the meaning of “tenacity”…

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